There are many alkaline waters available in the market but most of them are not Ionized. Ionized means that the water has a High Concentration of Antioxidants which provide the Health Benefits. Alkaline water can be made from inorganic salts but true Alkaline Ionized Water can only be made using Electrolysis.

The AMWater Actify is a machine that produces both alkaline and acidic water from tap water. It addresses the imbalance of everyday physical signs at the energetic level to “reorganize” your bio-energetic field. In the state of homeostasis (complete balance), your innate restorative and balancing processes and optimal wellness can be restored.

The AMWater Actify has essential properties such as:

  • Anti – Oxidation
  • Micro-Clustering
  • Alkalization
  • AFT Quantum Energy (ENERGIZED)



Every day, we are exposed to various oxidants from the air we breathe, the food and drinks we consume and even the environment we live, work and play in.

AMWater Actify balances out the toxins from everyday life at the energetic level to “reorganize” your bioenergetic field.

Water from the AMWater Actify has an Oxidative Reduction Potential (ORP) reading of -500 and below. The ORP is a measurement that indicates the degree to which a substance is capable of oxidizing or reducing another substance. Most types of water, including tap water and bottled water, are oxidizing agents as their ORP value is positive. For example, tap water in the US has an ORP reading of 150 – 600. 

The lower the reading, the more anti-oxidizing the substance is. With a reading of -500, water from the AMWater Actify is able to neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals in our body.



Amwater Actify makes water “Micro-clustered” so it will be more quickly and easily absorbed and will hydrate cells and tissues more effectively. Super-charged hydration. Amwater Actify Alkaline water contains only 5 to 6 water molecules per cluster while conventional water contains 15 to 20 water molecules per cluster. Small molecular clusters mean better hydration in a fraction of the time. These microclusters are better able to penetrate into our cells and nourish them for our energetic wellness.



Amwater Actify

The human body needs to be in a slightly alkaline state to be healthy. However, the foods that we eat and drinks we consume are mostly acidic.

The accumulation of acid wastes in our body (Acidosis) is the underlying cause of degenerative diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure, eczema, diabetes, kidney problems, gout, hypertension, osteoarthritis, and arteriosclerosis, as identified by Japanese scientists and medical studies in the United States.

Excess acidity weakens all body systems, which forces the body to borrow minerals such as calcium, sodium, magnesium, and potassium from vital organs and bones to neutralize this acidity and safely remove it from the body. The result of an excess acidity condition is an 

internal environment where disease can easily manifest. A pH-balanced environment within the body will allow it to resist disease. Obesity, weak immunity, lack of energy and many other acid-related diseases are caused by acidity. 

Acid coagulates the blood. Blood will have great difficulty flowing around fatty acid. As a result, capillaries clog up and our organs (e.g. skin, liver) are deprived of healthy blood. When the body is deprived of acid/alkaline balance, every part of our body has to work under stress to maintain good health. Our organs and cells are totally subservient to our blood. Our organs work to keep our blood at a balanced pH, to the extent that our body will inflict serious damage on organs if they appear to stand in the way of correct blood pH.

Most of the liquids we enjoy consuming cold fizzy drinks, coffee, tea, and alcohol are largely acidic in nature. AMWater Actify can correct that by producing high-quality alkaline drinking water that will keep us healthy.


Amized Fusion technology

While there are water systems in the market that produce alkaline water, AMWater Actify is the only water system in the world that energizes water with Zero Point Energy through the use of AMized Fusion Technology™ (AFT). AFT is a unique quantum technology that allows water from the AMWater Actify to resonate with Zero Point Field Energy. Zero Point Field Life Force Energy helps our body to self-regulate and self-maintain, harmonizing and bringing balance to all aspects of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.

AMized Fusion Technology™ also helps to clean out the water membrane of any “bad” memory and restores the water to its original molecular integrity. In addition, the zero point energy resonance from AFT increases the Life Force Potential of the water molecule as a natural substance. The water is 

then restored to its true organic nature as negative ionic water (think negative ions) which is an excellent match to the organic structure of the human body.

The AFT Energizing feature of the AMwater helps boost our energy levels, support healing, and energy balancing.

AMwater Actify - Demo​

70% of our body is water, so that makes water as the most important component to add to our body in quantity and quality!
Our health and our family’s health is very important to us!

Watch this demo which proves our ignorance in using normal tap water or bottled water and how it affects us! and compare it with using the water from AMwater Actify!
Amazing to Watch!

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Amwater Actify 9 Stage Ultra Filter

The AMwater Actify uses a very special AFT Energized 9 stage patented water filter, that contains the charged particles embedded with the AFT Quantum Healing Resonance, to help energize the water with life force energy, eradicate negative imprints, increase Anti-oxidant properties and enrich with rich minerals and more.

  • Silver activated carbon
  • Tourmaline minerals
  • Calcium minerals
  • Special Micro-fiber filters