Amized Fusion Technology

Amized Fusion Technology energizes your water, delivering vitalizing energetic benefits to every cell of the body, as well as to your bio-energetic field. This energization is what sets this unit apart from anything else in the market.

AMWater Actify is the only water system in the world that energizes water with Zero Point Energy through the use of AMized Fusion Technology™ (AFT). AFT is a unique quantum technology that allows water from the AMWater Actify to resonate with Zero Point Field Energy.

Zero Point Field Life Force Energy helps our body to self-regulate and self-maintain, harmonizing and bringing balance to all aspects of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.

Your Body Rebuilds in 365 Days


We are a bundle of Energy cells, powered by electrons protons and neutrons

Everything IN & AROUND us is ENERGY!! But our ENERGY is constantly being IMBALANCED  due to STRESS.


  • Dis-empowering Beliefs
  • Negative Thinking
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Poor Attitude
  • Fear & Phobias


  • Lack of Nutrition
  • Lack of Sleep & Rest
  • Social & Financial Demands
  • Self-Abuse
  • Eating Unhealthy or Processed food
  • Sickness


  • Pollution
  • Impure Air & Water
  • Radiations
  • Heavy Metal Toxicities
  • E-smog & EMF

Our Energetic System is Constantly being abused which leads to energy deficiency, blockages





The root cause of disease is at the level of the energy and information of your body

We have the HEALING POWERS within!

Our energetic system is constantly correcting and balancing to homeostasis

Each second, the cells in our bodies are endlessly working to bring us back to the natural state known as homeostasis or equilibrium. Each cell is dynamic in nature and constantly adjusts its own processes to maintain balance within the body. The cell has an amazing ability to heal them & make new cells to replace those who have been permanently damaged or destroyed.

Amized Fusion Technology™

AFT Quantum Healing refers to quantum healing leveraging on ENERGIZED products without the interference/manipulations of any individual. Just like using light to conduct light therapy and music to conduct sound therapies, AFT Quantum Healing uses specialized AFT ENERGIZED products that resonate at the Zero Point resonance.

When these AFT Quantum products come in contact with our Bio-Field, our inmate intelligence is able to detect the universal source resonance and in train to use its resonance to act as a bridge to source the Universal Life Force Energy from the  environment.

With the abundance of life Force Energy from the environment , The Bio-Field is able to cleanse the distortions, balance the energy flow, heal & enhance to a positive state of energy
Enhances mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions
Helps to Increase vitality & Physical empowerment

The Benefits of

AFT Quantum Products

are huge

Helps to enhance a positive and compose state of energy
Supports healing and speedy recovery
Helps to reduce stress and enhances awareness