Benefits Of Using AMWATER ACTIFY

- Alkaline Water Ionizer

Alkaline Water

1. Hydration & Balance body pH

Research shows that drinking Alkaline water hydrates your body better than plain water, and by raising the pH level of your body can prevent or eliminate the symptoms of metabolic syndrome such as obesity, High blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar and kidney stones. A recent clinical study shows that Alkaline water can fight harmful metabolic acidosis by raising blood pH40 to 70 % within the normal blood pH range

2. Detoxification

Alkaline water from AMwater Actify provides the body with daily cleanse as ION trappings draw out acidic toxins.Increased levels of antioxidants promote blood cleansing, liver cleansing, and colon cleansing.

3. Bone Health

When your body’s pH balance becomes Acidic, your body will adjust it by stealing calcium from the bones. Research shows that by drinking Alkaline water it eliminates Calcium deficiency in your bones.

4. Overall Energy Level and Healing

The Amized Fusion Technology (AFT) Energizing feature of the AMwater Actify helps boost our energy levels support healing, and energy balancing.

5. Weight loss

Hydration allows you to have better workouts, so you are able to burn more calories. Recent studies show that people who have started drinking alkaline water lost an average of 12 pounds in two months. And the only change they made was drinking alkaline water

6. Anti-aging & Anti-Cancer with high ORP

Alkaline water triples the anti-oxidants strength of vitamin C & alone it acts to counteract harmful reactive oxygen species, which damage DNA and tissues. Combined, alkaline water  and vitamin C work effectively to neutralize harmful free radicals.

7. Heart health and blood pressure

Alkaline water from AMwater Actify has been shown to reduce blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels in people with mineral deficiencies.

8. Digestive health

Research suggests that Alkaline water reduces the symptoms of Colitis, Loose Bowels and Constipation.

9. Helps to maintain our external body pH

The Acidic water from the AMwater Actify helps on many skin related issues and it is suitable for maintaining our smooth skin and hair. It serves as a good natural disinfectant and astringent and suitable for treating bed sores and diabetic foot.

10. Remove toxins from fruits and vegetable

Washing vegetable and fruits to remove Pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals and toxins. High Alkaline water from AMwater Actify is used very effectively to remove all toxins from the fruits and vegetables.